About Caspian Pizza

Caspian Grill & Pizza is an authentic Pizzeria with several outlets all over Birmingham, but one of its most popular chains by far is located at 37 Horse Fair, Birmingham B1 1DA, next to the Birmingham LGBT Centre.

If you’re looking for the perfect Pizza Restaurant in Birmingham city centre to enjoy the best Pizza at Horse Fair, Caspian Pizza is always a safe bet. The pizza shop has put an Italian-American twist on the classics and there are endless options for pies.

From extra large stuffed crust Margaritas to heaps of crispy Pepperoni and moreish Vegetarian pizza, delve into the freshly made pies topped with the highest quality ingredients that have been handpicked from local producers and suppliers.

What’s more, you can opt for Caspian Special Pizza, which is a real flavour blaster. It’s loaded with premium mozzarella, cheddar, Turkey, Pepperoni, mushrooms and tones of other lavish toppings, making it a superb choice for pizza night. Just place your order online through our Website or App and make sure to give it a go! All online orders will be rewarded with an exclusive 10% discount.  

There is also a huge selection of Grilled Chicken Burgers as well as a variety of succulent Persian Kebabs and Peri Peri Chicken Dishes. Our saffron infused Chello Kebab Chicken Koobideh packs a whole range of Mediterranean pleasures that will hit your tongue all at once. On the side, you can order fluffy Saffron Rice, creamy Hummus or a punchy Greek Salad to really make a feast of it!

Our gourmet Zinger Burger and mouthwatering Sizzler Grilled Chicken Burger are irresistibly tasty and full of goodness. You can expect juicy cheeseburgers, hearty veggie Burgers and so much more.

We welcome all school, college or university students with an amazing 10% student discount. Whether it's a quick bite on-the-go between lectures or a sit-down meal with your mates you'll find amazing deals on something delicious! 

Our shop has proudly joined Mealzo online food ordering platform, which offer discounts on your online orders! Download the Mealzo App and order from your local takeaways and restaurants at a better price.

Please feel free to call us at 0121 666 7766 and order over the phone.

Thanks for your order. Looking forward to serving you soon.


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